H Street Lofts

Ramiro Martinez
1416 Broadway
Fresno, CA 93721

I was born in Fresno, California into a family of 12 children. We worked as farm laborers when I was young. On breaks I would carve into rocks various forms
and shapes to bury in the ground and imagine future societies to eventually unearth my youthful attempts at forming a worthy tribute to life. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute where I learned and exercised skills in painting and sculpture, and where the importance of art impressed upon me the notion of being an artist. I have shown my work in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Hanford, Visalia and Fresno. Presently, I have work showing at these venues: Berkeley Building (Fulton Mall), Lasgoity Winery (Madera), Taylor Teeter Architect Firm (Fresno), Hemisphere Furniture (Fresno), Lerhman and Assoc Law Firm (Los Angeles), Karl Lopez Gallery (Santa Cruz), and Broadway Studios (Fresno). I now live and work in Fresno where I continue to create and hone my skills in different media and objects.

Santa Cruz Spring Show (Group Exhibition) UCSC Santa Cruz CA
Galeria De La Raza (Group Show) San Francisco CA
Landscapes: Unusual Vantages Arts Commision Gallery (Group Show)
San Francisco CA
Sangre Nueva Exhibition, (Group Show) San Diego CA
Revolving Exhibition (Two Person Show) Galeria De La Raza
Taqueria Pancho Villa (Café show) San Francisco CA
SFAI Spring Group Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA
Towards A New Frontier Diego Rivera Gallery San Francisco CA
Dia De Los Muertos Group Show Galeria De La Raza SF CA
Coming Home Exhibition, Arte Americas, City Hall, Fresno, CA
Mural with F. John Sierra. State Building on O street, Fresno CA
Coming Home Part 2 Fresno City Hall, Fresno CA
Three Visions, Centro Bellas Artes, Fresno CA
It Takes A Pueblo, (One man exhibition) Centro Bellas Artes, Fresno CA
County Office of Education (Lecture and Demonstration) Fresno, CA
Mendota High School, (Lecture, Demonstration Teaching) Mendota CA
Proteus Show Proteus Office, Hanford, CA
Clash of Spirit Proteus Hanford CA Two Person Exhibition
Group Show, Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno, CA
Forces Of Nature, Arte Americas Fresno, CA
September Tamejavi Festival Mural Fresno CA
October Univision Mural Fresno CA
Clean Tech America Erasing History One Person Exhibiton
1416 Broadway, Fresno, CA
Cultural Arts Building My Desktop One Person Exhibition
1416 Broadway, Fresno, CA
Cultural Art Building Aiming For Hire One Person Exhibition
1416 Broadway, Fresno CA
Archop/Shelters for the Homeless Cultural Art Building, Fresno CA
Cultural Arts Building ARCHOP (Collaboration)
Broadway Studios Suite B Fresno CA
Cultural Arts Building Studio 1416 Broadway, Fresno CA 93706
Lasgoity Winery, Madera CA
Taylor Teter Architect Firm, Fresno, CA
Hemisphere Furniture, Palm and Shaw, Fresno, CA
San Joachin River Parkway Conservation Trust Mural in Welcoming Center

Objective: To work with a fast pace and liquid department where creativity, multitasking and professionalism is exemplified by the minute. To aid and help
with problems related to department goals and deadlines. To facilitate any thing that may enhance, empower and develop for a better working environment.

R.W. Greenwood and Assoc.
2558 E Olive Fresno, CA 93701
Responsibilities include and are not limited to: Process Surveyed Data and coordinates for drawing legal parcel maps, interpreting and recording surveyed elevation numbers and coordinates to map and draw plans used for development of properties, parcels and subdivisions. Copying, faxing and organizing map library.

San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco CA 94110
Responsibilities include: Checking out books, Filing and ordering new books, Archiving and keeping the place healthy and safe for our patrons.

Graphic Designer and Librarian/Team Support
Certified Ad and Assoc.
909 Nielson Ave Fresno CA 93706
Responsibilities Include: Scanning Sizing and Cataloguing incoming art, graphics, or photography. Fixing, calibrating and imaging pre-camera department documents from image setters such as 9800 pro, the ECRM and Iris Ink Jet copier. Color correcting and modifying art and graphics.

Curator; Director of Visual Arts
Centro Bellas Artes
E street, Fresno CA 93706
Responsibilities Include: Painting, Curating and promoting art shows of local and artists abroad. Creating and designing graphics and art for art shows, recruiting and developing members and memberships, framing, drawing and painting artwork for shows and exhibitions.

2000-2008 - Video and Graphic Arts
Lerman And Associates Law Firm (DepositionVideos)
Larry Everest Santa Monica CA (Speech Video and Commercial)
Various Wedding Videos in Fresno
TX BBQ Restaurant (Graphics and Posters and Menu)
ITC (Brochure and other Graphics)

Substitute Teacher
Fresno Unified School District, Fresno CA
Responsibilities Include: Teaching and providing material for students K-12 based around curriculum guidelines. Apprenticing students for mural making and teaching layout and writing Skills to students who wished to develop local and inner-school newsletter.

CBO (Community Based Organizer)
CORAL (Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning)
Responsibilities Include: Teaching, Graphic Design, Video and Sound Editing, Painting and Recruiting.